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"The Deer Seat for Still Hunters"

PATENT NO. 5,188,422

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deer hunter sitting on the 16 inch seat
Deer Seat assembled at the 16 Inch Height Above

Do you enjoy deer hunting from the ground?

The 16 inch height adjustment gives you an in-between elevation setting.  Not too high...not too low, and the Niff-T-Seat remains very stable and reliable as a good shooting platform.  Especially when combined with a good pair of shooting sticks.  This is the ultimate deer seat.  Easily packable or carried on a belt.

This seat elevation is a good fit for deer hunting when you need to sit up a little higher.  In most situations you can see above the natural ground cover, but you are not so high that it is difficult to conceal profile.

Easily create a stable shooting platform with shooting sticks ...

When using the 16 inch seat for hunting deer I highly recommend learning how to use a walking staff or long stick as a gun rest (as shown above).  A very stable shooting platform is created by resting the staff against your knee and securing the end with your opposite foot.

It is always a good idea when using this seat for deer hunting to sit with your back against a tree that is large enough to conceal your profile.  If a deer approaches you from behind.  You can silently swivel around behind the tree to get into a better shooting position, while remaining undetected.

Are you tired of freezing for long hours in a treestand ...

I used sit for long hours in treestands freezing, but that was before I created the Niff-T-Seat.  Not to mention the dangers of using and hunting from climbing stands, I have found hunting from the ground more enjoyable with less frustration and equal or greater success.

Benefits of deer hunting on the Niff-T-Seat ...
  • Move quickly and quietly to a new location if conditions change
  • Lightweight
  • Easily packable
  • Swivels quietly
  • Stable shooting platform for even long range shots
  • No risk of falling out of a treestand
Check out the testimonials from pros and seasoned hunters about the Niff-T-Seat ...

Every Seat comes with a money back guarantee and you can't be the price for a quality made in the USA product.

So go to the order page and get your deer seat on order.

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