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Here is a great article posted by our friends at The article was posted on September 17, 2008 as the featured product.

Niff-T-Seat Take A Seat

Hunting doesn't have to be uncomfortable. According to the old school mentality, If you weren't cold, wet, hungry and cramped you somehow weren't trying hard enough. We've all had our endurance tested in the field often enough to realize that there's nothing particularly glamorous about human suffering. Why be uncomfortable if there's a better way? Hunting is supposed to be fun. Anything you can do to make the time more comfortable will only increase your enjoyment of the outdoors.

During the last decade the Realtree Pros have found themselves enduring plenty of tough conditions. They've learned a few things about making tough hunts more bearable. One of their secrets is the Niff-T-Seat made by R.P.M. Enterprises. The Niff-T-Seat is ideally suited for all types of ground hunting situations. From the duck marsh to the deer woods to the dove field, the Niff-T-Seat always makes the Team Realtree "essential gear" list.

Five aspects of the seat's design make it perfect for every type of ground hunting. First, the seat is portable. It folds into a small lightweight package that attaches easily to your belt or fits into a turkey vest. Depending on seat height selected, it weighs between 1 lb., 10 oz. And 2 lb., 10 oz. Niff-T-Seat inventor, Roger Montgomery, wanted a seat that could be deployed with one hand without having to set down your gun or bow. It's quick and easy to assemble and set up.

Second, the Niff-T-Seat is flexible. The NTS-4 will assemble into four different seat heights: 5, 11, 16 and 22 inches. The 5-inch configuration is perfect for turkey hunters who want to keep a low profile but still desire a seat that keeps them off the cold, wet ground. The 11-inch setting is ideal for hunting deer from a ground blind where you can alternate between sitting and kneeling. According to Montgomery, the 16-inch adjustment works great for older hunters that find it difficult to squat low to the ground and the 22-inch version is ideal for hunting ducks or pass-shooting doves.

Third, the Niff-T-Seat has a single spike that anchors the bottom of the pedestal into the ground. A washer mounted above the spike carries the hunter's weight. The spike turns easily in the ground making it possible for the seat to swivel 360 degrees without making a sound. You can quickly and silently turn from side-to-side to stay on top of all the action around your blind o



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