hunting seats

Read below to see why hunters choose the Niff-T-Seat for

bow hunting deer and turkeys from ground blinds.

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  • How much does it weigh? Less than an adequate pair of binoculers.

  • Why will I be more successful when hunting from the ground with your hunting seats?  I have found that hunting from the ground is just more fun.  You can relocate quickly when conditions change.  You see more of the woods, because you are moving around more.  When you are having fun you hunt longer and the longer you hunt the more successful you become.

  • How does it compare to all the other hunting seats on the market?  Cushions can get wet, be noisy and they only provide one elevation option ... ground level.  Most other seats depend on the ground being level.  Our hunting seats can be used and uneven rocky terrain, providing you with a comfortable spot to rest your legs.

  • What's the best way to carry your hunting seats? Our hunting seats are easily carried with the furnished carrying strap used with your belt, leaving both hands free. The seat can be pushed to your backside to avoid bumping and set up can be done with one hand without laying your bow or gun down. It is almost as if the seat were there waiting for you.  Some hunters like to carry their seat assembled in a backpack or a gamebag when walking long distances.

  • Can you use it in boggy muddy conditions?  Yes, our hunting seats can be quickly supported in muddy conditions by attaching a bucket lid to the base or positioning a limb or forked stick under the base plated.  I have done this many times to keep from sinking down while sitting in my ground blind.

  • Since the seat only has one leg is it stable enough to accurately shoot a rifle at long range?  Oh yea! When you combine a good bipod with your backside against a tree or solid object you have a rock solid shooting platform.

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Q  1)  Is the NIFF T-SEAT stool  large enough for an adult to safely use?
A  1)  Yes, the NIFF- T-SEAT stool was designed to be used by short, or tall people, one size fits all.
Q  2)  Is the NIFF- T-SEAT strong enough for me and will it last for a long time?
A  2)  Yes, NIFF- T-SEAT is very strong with a steel frame and will easily support a 300 pound person. There is not much to wear out on the seat and many have been in use for 10 years.
Q  3)  Is the NIFF- T-SEAT stool easy  to sit on and use? 
A  3)  Yes, once you sit on the NIFF- T-SEAT stool it will become a natural thing to do. We all have the natural ability to balance and walk on two feet.
Q  4)  Can the NIFF- T-SEAT stool be used without a tree to lean on for support?
A  4)Yes, think of using the  NIFF- T-SEAT stool as if you were standing with or without a tree for support. NIFF- T-SEAT is easy to use anywhere from  the woods, hills, to open fields.
Q  5)  Can the NIFF- T-SEAT stool be easily carried while hunting with bow or gun? 
A  5)  Yes, the NIFF- T-SEAT stool is furnished with a carrying strap to be used with your belt, leaving both hands free . The seat can be pushed to your back side to avoid  bumping, and set up can be done with one hand without laying your bow or gun down. It is almost as if the seat were there waiting on you.
Q  6)  Can you shoot a 12 gauge shot gun while sitting on the NIFF- T-SEAT stool without it kicking you off the seat? 
A  6)  Yes, to shoot from the NIFF- T-SEAT stool is very similar to standing and shooting. Basically your shoulder will absorb the sudden shock. NIFF- T-SEAT allows you to wing shoot while sitting because the rotation gives you follow through.
Q  7)  Can ground bow hunters shoot while sitting on the NIFF- T-SEAT stool?
A  7)  Yes,both compound and traditional bow hunters use the NIFF- T-SEAT stool while hunting from the ground.This method of hunting is very rewarding. NIFF- T-SEAT is the only seat that will allow you to quietly rotate 180 degrees without shuffling your feet, ease one knee to the ground and shoot.
Q  8)  Can the NIFF- T-SEAT stool be used to duck hunt in the marsh?
A  8)  Yes, the instructions with the NIFF- T-SEAT stool illustrate how to use a 5 gallon plastic bucket lid under the seat pedestal washer to prevent sinking . The use of a plastic lid is best, because it's flexibility allows the seat pedestal to lean and rotate properly.
Q  9)  Can the NIFF- T-SEAT stool be used comfortably for a long time?
A  9)  Yes, but to know how the NIFF- T-SEAT stool will feel to someone is a difficult thing to judge.It will sit a lot better than roots, rocks, sticks and mud.  The seat can be rotated 90 degrees every 45 minutes or so to give  several hours of good hunting in one spot. The big advantage of NIFF- T-SEAT is the freedom of movement the seat provides. Your living room recliner or lawn chair will sit better, but would you carry one of these hunting?
Q  10)  Why do I need the NIFF- T-SEAT stool to improve my  hunting , when  I have never used a stool  nor  seen one that really works in the woods?
A  10)  The NIFF- T-SEAT stool is like no other you have used and will improve your success and enjoyment. Once you hunt with it you will take it again.The ease to transport, set up on hilly, rocky, or  marshy ground is a big plus. The ability to sit down close to a tree for back support, rotate quietly, reduce movement and see under the browse line is a huge advantage.
Q  11)  Can I put the NIFF- T-SEAT stool in my ladder tree stand?
A  11)  No, the NIFF- T-SEAT stool is designed to be used on the ground ( ONLY

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