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I hunt almost exclusively from natural ground hunting blinds.

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Deer Hunting Ground Blind Video Transcript:

We used to hunt deer from tree stands exclusively and would only hunt from ground hunting blinds during turkey season.  But over the years we have found that hunting from the ground is more fun, more challenging, and definitely safer.  I have used man made ground hunting blinds, but I find them bulky and a pain to carry.  Therefore, most of my ground blinds are made from the natural materials that I find in the area I want to hunt.  This year I made several blinds in the spring when trimming trees on my property.  They were primarily made out of oak limbs and should last several seasons.

One of my favorite impromptu ground hunting blinds is to cut down a couple of small cedar trees and place them on each side of me.  The essential tools you need to have in your hunting bag are a good collapsible pack saw and a good pair of gardening shears.  With these two tools you can quickly conceal yourself and create a first class ground hunting blind.  If you are hunting on private land, create a few natural camo blinds for yourself prior to the season and enjoy the easy access of slipping in and out of multiple hunting spots as conditions change.  I can't adequately explain it with words, but ground blind hunting is just simply more exciting and more fun than hunting from tree stands.  Maybe it's not having to lug a tree stand everywhere you go.  Being able to walk and enjoy more of the woods.  When hunting from a ground hunting blind you can quickly change position and stalk your game if needed.  Some hunters have bad knees and have almost quit hunting because they prefer not to climb trees anymore.  This is a shame when they can have just as much fun hunting from the ground.

Whatever your reason for not ground hunting, try building your own ground hunting blinds this year.  And if you are an experience ground blind hunter consider adding the Niff-T-Seat to your tool kit.

Here is my list of tools I carry with me when ground blind hunting.

  • Niff-T-Seat
  • Shooting Sticks (I have both the folding kind and a homemade pair that I like much better)
  • Folding pack saw
  • Gardening shears
  • Decoy (deer, predator, turkey, whatever your flavor... decoys work)

All seats are built  for long days hunting deer and turkeys.

Rugged Steel Frame for Many Years of Use!


Lightweight! Easy to Carry and Set Up!

Supporting You For A Lifetime!


90 Day No Risk Guarantee of Satisfaction!


madeinusa.jpg (15908 bytes)Great for Deer Hunters and Turkey Hunters.


Deer Hunters and Turkey Hunters Love the NIFF-T-SEAT

One of those rare designs that will exceed your expectations in quality and function.

The hunting seat designed to be the best portable hunting stool.


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