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Are You Ready to Replace your Tree Seat with a Ground Seat?

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The Hunting Seat that was invented to give the hunter a comfortable
 spot to sit when waiting for that trophy to walk into range. 

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5 Inch Height Shown, but the same see can sit four different elevations.

When it comes to success afield, sometimes you’ve gotta get down and dirty giving up your tree seat up high for a hunting seat on ground level. Whether you’re targeting deer, turkey, squirrel, ducks or dove, the Niff-T-Seat, is the ultimate replacement for your tree seat.  This seat will provide you with ground-level comfort essential for remaining motionless and comfortable while hunting from the ground. The main advantage for trading your tree seat for ground blind is the safety of hunting on the ground.  Being able to quickly relocate while hunting from a ground blind is also another distinct advantage of the Niff-T-Seat over any treestand or tree seat.

The Niff-T-Seat is not only comfortable, but it’s light weight, small enough to fit in your game bag, and silent with a durable finish. A belt is availabe for all models fo the seat to allow it to be worn separately over coveralls or extra layers of hunting clothes.

Just because you’re hunting low to the ground doesn’t mean you also have to lower your expectations for comfort and maneuverability. Try the Niff-T-Seat and take ground hunting to the next level.

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