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The Turkey Seat invented by a turkey hunter to provide a comfortable spot to sit while waiting for that wary turkey to walk into range. 

Turkey Seat
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5 Inch Height Shown, this same turkey seat can sit at four different elevations when
combined with optional stakes.

Have you used other turkey seats?
If yes, you have probably found other turkey seats to be bulky, flimsy or just uncomfortable.  This turkey seat was created by a turkey hunter while waiting uncomfortably for a gobbler to come into range.  He new there had to be a better way.  That was the inspiration for the Niff-T-Seat.  Since then many protoypes were created and now turkeys are being hunted from this seat in all 50 states.  Check out the testimonials page to see the comments by professional hunters and avid outdoorsmen.

Have you every been uncomfortable while wild turkey hunting?

Turkey hunters need a hunting seat that is comfortable, quiet and stable for those hours spent waiting for a big gobbler to come to the call.  The Niff-T-Seat at the 5-inch elevation provides the ultimate platform for turkey hunting. 

Would you like to have a comfortable solution that will help you kill more turkeys?

You can fold it up quickly and stuff it in your pack or vest when running and gunning for gobblers, o
r use the carrying strap that comes with every seat.

You may be thinking why not just sit on the ground and you are right, sometimes you are lucky and find a nice comfortable spot to rest your rear when turkey hunting.  But more often than not you need to sit down in the mud or on roots to be in the best position to set up quickly on a turkey.

But I have found more times than not when chasing gobblers in the dark of morning you don't always pick the most the best spot to sit down.  Usually the ground is wet, crawling with ticks, and the trees that are big enough to hid your profile from turkeys usually have big roots that are not too fun to sit on. 

Would you like to have the same seat that professional hunters and camera men have been using the Niff-T-Seat for years?

Take a look at our testimonials page and you will see several professionals that strongly endorse this as the best hunting seat they have ever used.

If you said yes to the above questions then you should try the Niff-T-Seat?

If you already have a vest with a built in cushion then you will just be that much more comfortable when you combine it with the Niff-T-Seat.  The big difference will be that now you are sitting slightly elevated and you can rotate on this turkey seat quitely since you are above the ground and rustling in the sticks and leaves.

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