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Hunting Seat Demo Video:
There are two models to the Niff-T-Seat, the NTS2 and the NTS4.  The NTS2 hunting seat will sit you at two elevations, 5” and 11”.  The NTS4 comes with two stakes and will sit you at four elevations 5”, 11”, 16”, or 22”.  This video illustration shows that if you are turkey hunting and want to sit low to the ground, only use the spike and washer attached to the baseplate of the hunting seat, this allows you to sit approximately 5” off the ground.  This gets you down low profile like you have always turkey hunting.  It keeps you above the leaves and roots so you can turn on the hunting seat quietly and comfortably while sitting in the seat saddle.

 The next illustration is of turkey hunting with the 11” stake attached to the seat.  The seat goes into the ground slightly as you sit on it.  The 11” hunting seat is my preference for turkey hunting and deer.  You are slightly higher which allows you to see over the browse line in most hunting situations.   Using the hunting seat in this manner also provides a natural shooting platform with your knees and elbows.  When I am hunting this is the seat and stake combination that I carry into the woods 99% of the time.  When hunting at this elevation you will see the turkey or deer when they are further away allowing you more time to get into position for the shot.  You notice that when I do stand up the seat does not turn over, it remains standing upright because of the small spike that is stuck in the ground.

 Bow hunting with the 11” hunting seat allows you to reach the ground while sitting, so you can easily pick up arrows.  To rotate on seat quietly you just drop your knee to the ground as you turn to the left or right.  Without moving your feet you can rotate about 300 degrees on the seat.

 For dove hunting you can create the 22” seat elevation by screwing all of the stakes together.  This puts the seat at a height that is very close to standing up were you can comfortable wing shoot if needed without standing up.  This higher elevation can also be used for deer hunting in high vegetation were you need to sit up higher to see over the grass and weeds.  By using a walking stick as shooting rest, the hunting seat can become a very stable shooting platform.

All seats are built  for long days hunting deer and turkeys.

Rugged Steel Frame for Many Years of Use!


Lightweight! Easy to Carry and Set Up!

Supporting You For A Lifetime!


90 Day No Risk Guarantee of Satisfaction!


madeinusa.jpg (15908 bytes)Great for Deer Hunters and Turkey Hunters.


Deer Hunters and Turkey Hunters Love the NIFF-T-SEAT

One of those rare designs that will exceed your expectations in quality and function.

The hunting seat designed to be the best portable hunting stool.


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